[John Vanderslice] said, “If you think the Internet is making us lonelier, then you were never lonely before 1995.” That’s fucking deep, right? You know what you no longer have to do? Sit in your room with nothing. There is someone, even if it’s just some dude arguing about Alien Vs. Predator, right?

— John Darnielle, on loneliness in the internet age. [x] (via herminegottlieb)

Went out tonight. Came home 20 minutes later.
this guy: jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk
come on, tumblr!

Florence Broadhurst


Eugene Thirion, The portrait depicts Joan of Arc’s awe upon receiving a vision from the Archangel Michael, detail, 1876

I really enjoy how under awed Joan looks. like, ‘dude, I got my own awesome shit to be getting on with.’
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